Soo. Wii or Xbox360?; is thinking about moving to Washington or Oregon; YAY it’s thanksgiving tomorrow! Two thanksgiving and non at my house, this is the first! It makes me sad to think about this is probably going to be the last time we can get together and technically we can’t on this amazing holiday.

Family; well my sister and her amazing family.

My run to guide; my baking buddy; my sister and brothers in Christ; my close friend.

It was hard to deal with my rock/best friend leaving. I don’t know how I can handle my inspirations and closet family moving to another state. To go with them? Follow them in a couple of years? … I can’t leave my parents. At least not right now. They need me here.

Family means everything to me. It sucks having this being torn again. In the future, whether or not they leave for sure. I know, I’ll be right behind them.

I really don’t know what I’d do without my boys. My Michael or my little Evan.

I guess these six months should be critical. Not wasting time alone, but in the company of the ones you love. Cause you never know.